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  • Here’s another Update

    A very “Good Morning!” from my side of the mic. I hope this finds you well and that you’re in good spirits. This will be my last entry until I get things settled back home on Guam. Continuing from last week’s entry, here are a few things that I’ve been wracking my brain with and […]

  • An upcoming audiobook

    I am so happy to share an upcoming audiobook from an author who I have worked with throughout my 3-years as a voice over. Jason never ceases to amaze me with his journey into the human mind. Once the audiobook clears ACX’s Quality Control, I’ll be able to share some promotional codes if you’re an […]

  • Just Another Dream

    Only when a shadow’s silhouette points Northcan my eyes clearly see you…off in the distancebetween dusk and dawn. My heart knows you’re therebut I can’t convince my mind otherwise. It’s as if time no longer knows who we are. Tasseled dreams hang from the stars tonight—just one wish away from being mine again. Hearing your […]

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