She’s my Autumn

Image by: lluluchwan
A very big “Thank You” to GoodBMusic for inspiring this piece with their song Joy of Travel

She welcomes the world with honey almond eyes eager to witness what a cold morning sunrise can hide.

Wrapping herself in intimate colors, embroidered with her favorite smile and stained with laughter, she radiates an autumn’s aura.

Her apple cider highlights stroke the wind like a master calligrapher adding color to voiceless thoughts leaving my mind to always wonder.

I love how she dances under the folds of orange, yellow, and red origami cranes. To her, they’re fluttering monarchs departing on their final trip with no regrets.

As jubilant as any Fall festival, her luminescent soul glistens brighter than any bonfire under any star-filled night.

The flickering of street lights that line the sidewalks are like misguided fireflies in her mind, guiding us back to another tomorrow.

She hugs me like a cinnamon-scented candle would, filling my world with colors all her own. Just another reason to fall for her time and time again.

More refreshing than a Spring rain in any misty-eyed morning…

More vibrant than a Summer’s song on a barefooted outing…

More comforting than a warm Winter’s evening all snuggled in…

Every year, my days with her blossom into something so genuine and wholesome.

To simply put it, she’s my Autumn.