Unspoken promise

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Lost on the shores of 98′,
two halves of a heart would find each other.
Both were from out-of-town
looking to get away
in hopes they’d discover
what their Summer had to offer.

With nowhere else to go,
disoriented with time,
they found themselves at the water’s edge.
Under a Summer’s glow,
Fate watched with an open mind
and wondered what would happen below the waterline.

The boy aimed his smile directly
at her,
causing a massive swell in her heart.
Braving the wave, she
winked at him from the water
and swam further.

Faster than the shoreside breeze,
his mind raced as did his body.
A few paddles away, she waited for him.
And treading like a dream,
he was enamored by her beauty.
Two rebellious teenagers adrift in each other’s company.

They reached for the other’s hand
and swam the depths together.
Although they were strangers, something about it felt right.
Overwhelmed by emotions neither could comprehend,
Fate intervened and pushed their lips together
and made them promise, “Only for the Summer.”

Their hearts embraced, swearing to never return
and to live their lives separated again.

The tide carries the torn halves back to shore.

Going their own way, the boy’s eyes burned from her auburn
as she glanced her “Goodbye” at him.

Both have kept their promise since then.

Thus, they continued on—
struggling over the obstacles in their life
which prevented them from ever returning.
However, both had a strong bond
to what they thought they lost to time
continuously reliving their moment in paradise.

It’s been a long while now, a decade or so,
when the two halves would reunite on the shores from 98’—
breaking their unspoken promise.
And what felt like a lifetime ago,
all it took was a smile and a wink before they made their get away.
The halves became whole once again, ignoring what Fate had to say.

Extra Bonus

Music by: katzentupas with ocean wave sound effect in the background

The acoustic guitar inspired Unspoken Promise, my first piece I didn’t want to record over. Along with the waves in the back, I found this to be a story onto itself. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! ~John