My Dear December Child,

Image from Pinterest
Music by Lesfm: “Just Relax”

It’s been a while and that time of year again,
Making it the fifth winter.
Sitting on your side of the bed.
Writing you another love letter.

I hope this finds you well and that you’re staying warm this holiday season.
You’re probably stressing out from being all festive as your loved ones walk in and out of your kitchen.

Hey, December child.
Can…you keep a little secret?
It gets harder for me each time
but somehow I get through it.

When the sincerest of snow starts falling
and all the Christmas trees glisten bright,
I’m left frostbitten in solitude
unwrapping memories of when you were mine.
I’m also deaf to the carolers and joys of silver bells asking for a smile or two.
I just can’t bring myself to be charitable knowing someone else has you.

Oh December child, how the nights have gotten colder.
Are they the one your heart calls for to sit by you and the yule log fire?
I should know better than to ask but
do you still think of me?

Cause the thought of you, no matter how painful, is my only gift on Christmas Eve.

Well, December child…it’s time for me to go.
I know it’s not much but I left you a present on your phone.
As for this letter, I’ll lock it away and keep it with all the others.

Until next year my love,

Yours forever