Intentionally Left Blank

Image from Pinterest
Music by: Lesfm

What comes to mind when you see a blank page? This marbled morning had me questioning this. I groggily tossed it aside, silenced my alarm, and went about my day. However, I kept thinking about it. So, I sat down with my favorite journal and turned it to a blank page. On this fragile page, things started to come to mind.

The days were so carefree and simple, even the mornings took its time waking up. Heart-to-heart conversations, that normally led to nowhere, were shared over a cup of coffee and where time was better spent.

A friendly “Hello” always made someone’s day. A smile was cherished without knowing a name and having your own opinion mattered without feeling ashamed.

Love didn’t need a definition.
Hope was abundant in every person and
Faith wasn’t solely restricted to religion.

Having had a dose of nostalgia, I closed my journal and sat there. Now, you can guess what I decided to write. But this is what makes my journal so special—no words are ever written. These blank pages have reminded me of “where I’ve been” and “where I can go”, like a map pointing the way forward because the days can be long and complicated but there’s always something to be thankful for. Heart-to-heart conversations can still be shared over coffee. It’s taking the time to listen rather than answering is all that’s really needed.

I’m reminded to speak a little kinder, sharing a smile whenever it’s possible, and yes, if I’m being honest, I’m still learning to accept opinions and criticism from those who actually matter.

Love or a passion can still be realized.
Hope just needs to be revitalized and
Faith…well, that’s for you to decide

For me, every page is like a mirror that shows a version of ourselves I think we need to see. I would like to know what you see.