Update No. dah, dah, dah

Good morning from my side of the mic!

I hope this finds you in Good Health and that you’re doing well. My week has been busy, to say the least, but here are few things that happened:

  • Worked on and finally finished my Character Reel (currently reworking the site,Β so it has its own little home here)
  • I kept myself entertained during the heavy snowfall with my sore throat (I love raspy voices)
  • My Best friend made her voice acting debut in a Virtual Reality Game! (I think she was nymph or something)
  • I auditioned for my first animation project! It was definitely a lot of fun trying something new. (Fingers-crossed for the best)

I’ll keep this post short since I have a lot of reading to catch-up with.

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a great week!


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