The Road Ahead…

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As baby buds begin to sprout, I too would like to wish you a warm Spring morning.

What went on behind the mic

February was a very busy month filled with auditions and a lot of homeschool work for Kai. It was definitely a change of pace and with the weather changing constantly, it wasn’t surprising to find myself sick for the first part of March. Now that I feel a bit better, I can sit and write to my heart’s content without my mind fogging up—not bad considering I had to stop drinking coffee!



I had to stop this 24-year-old habit of mine and switch to Green Tea due to intermittent pains I felt in my stomach. Since the change, I feel so much better and look forward to my mornings again.

It was great knowing you coffee

Back to my Roots

If I’m not posting as frequently, please forgive me. I am getting things in order before I leave Ohio to return back to the island of Guam. The logistics are pretty straightforward; however, one major hurdle is leaving Kai behind (his mom has full custody of him). We had a long heart-to-heart, and he understands—for the most part.

Between you and me, when I left in 2003 to serve in the U.S. military, I didn’t have any plans on returning. I wanted to build my life in a different place and settle down. After 19 years of being away, with an occasional visit here and there, my heartstrings are pulling me back. It could be that my parents are getting older or perhaps it’s something deep down in my soul that had me make this decision. Whatever it is, my heart is telling me it’s something I need to do.

This will be another International Dateline crossing…again

Going Forward

I hope this gives you a better idea of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to as of late. There is one audio piece I have been working on for two weeks and I hope to get it published by next Sunday—this was one of my more challenging works so far.

On this first day of Spring, I wish you the best wherever you are and may the blossoms of strength, courage, and perseverance sprout brilliantly in your life.

Take care!


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