Just Another Dream

Image from Pinterest
Music bed by ZakharValaha: “Always With Me, Always With You

Only when a shadow’s silhouette points North
can my eyes clearly see you…
off in the distance
between dusk and dawn.

My heart knows you’re there
but I can’t convince my mind otherwise.

It’s as if time no longer knows who we are.

Tasseled dreams hang from the stars tonight—
just one wish away from being mine again.

Hearing your heartbeat would be the death of me—
if you allow it.

Now, let me rest my head on your chest
and sleep.

Like a December rain or April Snow,
you appear back into my life—
facing reality once more.

How many times will I have to say,
“Goodbye” to you
before we can both completely move on?

Regardless of what I pray and hope for,
tonight is all that matters.

I know that you’ll be leaving again
this time good.

Please take our memories with you
in exchange for the pain I’ve caused
and promise me
you’ll never forget how much I’ve loved you.