Life: Take 2

Good morning from my side of the…world?!

Yes, I have finally settled back home on Guam and I can sit down to write. Before I update you with everything, I want to say, “Thank you!” for being patient with me while I get things organized. So, here’s what has happened…

Flying forward into a Time Capsule

The trip itself from Ohio to Guam took a little over 19-hours. While in transit from Texas to Hawaii, the flight was almost subjected to an investigation due to someone smoking in the restroom. Luckily, the flight attendants located the individual and we were able to connect to our departing flights without any hassle.

Once my body recovered from being jet-lagged, I drove around with my sister and was surprised that not much has changed! There are a few new buildings but for the most part, everything is still the same as it was when I left back in 2003.

Honestly, I’m happy being home and I’m also able to talk to my son on a daily basis—making him jealous by having his favorite drinks and snacks!

Some fun facts:

  • They just wrapped up filming for a Japanese Reality show that’s going to be aired some time in June…I think.
  • I applied for a Radio Announcer job but declined the offer due to it being a part-time position.
  • Didn’t realize my dad had a “pet” coconut crab in a cage until the 4th day being here.
  • It’s reassuring to know that the sun rises at 5:30 am every morning and doesn’t set until 6:30-6:45 pm. (I love routine!)

Forgetting that I had an Accent!

During the first week of being home and having my circadian rhythm catch back up with the island’s natural vibes of taking things easy, I had to prepare an area for recording a new audiobook project. Thankfully, my room was the perfect spot in the whole house to build a quick blanket fort.

Here are the pics:



*Note: This may be cringey to a “Professional Voice Over” but when your noise floor is -60 dB after Gain Staging, I think it does the trick!

So, as usual, I recorded and spent most of the time editing the audio and to my surprise, I heard that my accent came back! I was happy but also upset that I had to rerecord a couple of pages due to the unnatural narration.

It may not be a big deal to some but when I’ve hid it for almost 20 years, yeah…it’ll take you by surprise!

The audiobooks are now available on Audible and if one catches your interest, message me and I’ll give you a promo code to claim your free copy!!!

Remember that podcast idea?

As of 5/28, I am doing the final touches on a new Spoken-Word poem that will be the first post for my new site “Another Inner Monologue“. The podcast will be linked in that post. The plan is pretty simple:

  1. All Spoken-Word Creative writing/poetry will be housed on Another Inner Monologue
  2. This site will be for my journal and updates on voice over projects

I’m not going to delete the old audio pieces on this site until I rerecord them and add them to the podcast & website.

If creative writing or poetry interests you, definitely give the site a glance over. I’ll be posting once a week. As for the first post on Another Inner Monologue, I’m looking at 6/5 around 8:30 am (Chamorro Standard Time UTC+10).

When the sun sets, a sunrise is not too far behind

Well my friend, you are all caught up—for the most part. I’ll link the new website in another post once everything is prepped and ready. As for this blog and some thoughtful input by readers, I’ll be sharing more than voice over projects and long posts like this.

I’m on the hunt for one more thing to make sharing my island with you fun for both you and me! But that will be for a future post!

Thank your so much for reading! I hope that when the sun sets here, your sun rise will not be too far behind. Take care!


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