Technical Difficulties

I’m not too sure why my post from isn’t visible…oh well.

Here is the Spoken Word and link to the podcast. I hope you enjoy!


Image by: Re°
Music bed: “Thinking of Home” by ohhgeeeznotagain

Give me a winding road to get lost on,

somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

I want to see lost memories play

like carefree kids in the Summer.

Someday, I’ll run wild and free

out-running the troubles that follow me.

With the wind at my back,

I can see all the possibilities.

Round and around

with the clouds gazing down,

I’ll follow the path

that’s led me to the here and now.

The miles of today

will gladly show me the way

where life laughs a little

and comes back around.

Many dream of a second chance

too occupied with past regrets.

All it really takes is a bump in the road

to notice it.

With one foot in front of the other,

and a personal little prayer,

problems always come and go—

no matter where you wander.

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Take care and have a great week! ~John

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