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Image by: Re°
Music bed: “Thinking of Home” by ohhgeeeznotagain

Give me a winding road to get lost on,

somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

I want to see lost memories play

like carefree kids in the Summer.

Someday, I’ll run wild and free

out-running the troubles that follow me.

With the wind at my back,

I can see all the possibilities.

Round and around

with the clouds gazing down,

I’ll follow the path

that’s led me to the here and now.

The miles of today

will gladly show me the way

where life laughs a little

and comes back around.

Many dream of a second chance

too occupied with past regrets.

All it really takes is a bump in the road

to notice it.

With one foot in front of the other,

and a personal little prayer,

problems always come and go—

no matter where you wander.

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Just Another Dream

Image from Pinterest
Music bed by ZakharValaha: “Always With Me, Always With You

Only when a shadow’s silhouette points North
can my eyes clearly see you…
off in the distance
between dusk and dawn.

My heart knows you’re there
but I can’t convince my mind otherwise.

It’s as if time no longer knows who we are.

Tasseled dreams hang from the stars tonight—
just one wish away from being mine again.

Hearing your heartbeat would be the death of me—
if you allow it.

Now, let me rest my head on your chest
and sleep.

Like a December rain or April Snow,
you appear back into my life—
facing reality once more.

How many times will I have to say,
“Goodbye” to you
before we can both completely move on?

Regardless of what I pray and hope for,
tonight is all that matters.

I know that you’ll be leaving again
this time good.

Please take our memories with you
in exchange for the pain I’ve caused
and promise me
you’ll never forget how much I’ve loved you.

Admiring the flames

Image from Pinterest

With scorched wings,
a testament to her independence,
she delights in crimson.

Her palette of imperfections,
colored to remind others
of her strength and disposition.

She became the light she sought after,
the prayer she sent to the stars,
and the dream she never imagined.

While others have been chained to the flame,
she’s no martyr—
she became her own needed champion.

A Day Overdue

Illustration by: Saveenah

Whispering your name in the early hours of January used to be a midnight melody that we would fall asleep to. It has now bled into the curtains where I hide behind, listening and searching for it. Desperate, I pick the lock on my pillow where I keep what’s left.

Your smile has a sepia stain to it.

Your face has faded.

All of Youparts of me disappearing.

I want to believe that the world stopped…but we both know it never did. Maybe it’s just a day overdue or something. With dawn’s peach-flavored sky topping the snowy drifts and birds rehearsing for the morning’s gospel, perhaps today would be the day you walk back into my life.

Last Holiday Wish

Image by: KiSei2
Music by: LesfmChristmas Magic Night

our cautious feet still kick up the snow/
to watch the skies as angels take flight/
on their long way home/

There they go and there they go/
with parting tears for those they know/
I wave my Goodbyes to the angels tonight/
on/my short/walk home/

echoes the sound of an empty home/
Nights are more silent/
Prayers grow quiet/
The holidays are now/long gone/

How I will miss/
nights before this
where we sat down in bliss
and we all reminisced
on the good times we had/
Now I know that sounds sad/
but we’re all/so glad/
for what/we have/

Counting the days
from when we parted ways/
I watch/as time slowly slips/away/
I’ll remember my friend
that this isn’t the end/
I’ll close my eyes and just pretend/

goes my bro-ken mu-sic box/
It’s missing a dancer/to our song/
And next to me is where you belong/

Throughout the year/we’ll stay/in touch/
and always living for just enough/
As seasons change I’ll patiently wait/
to be/with you/ano-ther day

And so, I raise/my glass/in your name/
I hope/that you/would do the same/
Here’s to the year/and to you/
and may you find happiness/in all/ that you do

Some Me Time

Image from Pinterest
Music by ZakharValaha: “Endless Beauty” (snippet)

Restless are the nights
under a veil of shattered stars and lanterned prayers
when I’m the most social

Sipping on bittersweet silence
to reacquaint myself
with a person I hardly knew

in the confines of the mind
I laugh along with the angel and devil within

Such nights make for memorable moments of yesterday

My Dear December Child,

Image from Pinterest
Music by Lesfm: “Just Relax”

It’s been a while and that time of year again,
Making it the fifth winter.
Sitting on your side of the bed.
Writing you another love letter.

I hope this finds you well and that you’re staying warm this holiday season.
You’re probably stressing out from being all festive as your loved ones walk in and out of your kitchen.

Hey, December child.
Can…you keep a little secret?
It gets harder for me each time
but somehow I get through it.

When the sincerest of snow starts falling
and all the Christmas trees glisten bright,
I’m left frostbitten in solitude
unwrapping memories of when you were mine.
I’m also deaf to the carolers and joys of silver bells asking for a smile or two.
I just can’t bring myself to be charitable knowing someone else has you.

Oh December child, how the nights have gotten colder.
Are they the one your heart calls for to sit by you and the yule log fire?
I should know better than to ask but
do you still think of me?

Cause the thought of you, no matter how painful, is my only gift on Christmas Eve.

Well, December child…it’s time for me to go.
I know it’s not much but I left you a present on your phone.
As for this letter, I’ll lock it away and keep it with all the others.

Until next year my love,

Yours forever