Get To Know Me

Open-minded, Easygoing, Versatile, Adaptive, and Creative

Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve.

Charlie Chaplin 1966

Hi! I’m John

Voice Over Artist and Poetry Enthusiast

When I’m not working on a project, I keep myself busy by writing poetry and recording spoken word. I’m drawn to this medium due to its intimate and visceral views of a person’s experience, beliefs, and inner most workings put into words the best way they can.

As a Voice Over, reading and writing poetry helps me experience life from different perspectives which helps me so much when I take on any project. Is it as easy as it sounds? Of course not! However, that is why I’m drawn to both voiceover and poetry.

I love the challenge, the creative process and interpretation, but most of all, I love hearing it come together!

Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve but being around other Creatives who understand the complexities behind it and can make that experience enjoyable—that alone is what makes it memorable.

Here are some facts about me!

  • Recites the English Alphabet backwards from memory before recording
  • Ate 10 pickles marinated with Ghost Chilis for a food competition
  • Still can’t watch “The Eye of the Beholder” episode from the Twilight Zone
  • Was dismissed from a training exercise so the film crew for “The Guardian” can use the pool while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Was yelled at by panhandler for buying them food
  • Wears outrageously designed socks my son buys for me

Favorite Voice Overs

  • Casey Kasem (VA)
  • Morgan Berry (VA)
  • Peter Thomas (Narrator)
  • Margaret McDonald (VA)

Dream Job

Narrating a documentary

Greatest Accomplishment in career

Being self-taught, my greatest accomplishment was passing the strict audio requirements as a freelance audiobook narrator