Last Holiday Wish

Image by: KiSei2
Music by: LesfmChristmas Magic Night

our cautious feet still kick up the snow/
to watch the skies as angels take flight/
on their long way home/

There they go and there they go/
with parting tears for those they know/
I wave my Goodbyes to the angels tonight/
on/my short/walk home/

echoes the sound of an empty home/
Nights are more silent/
Prayers grow quiet/
The holidays are now/long gone/

How I will miss/
nights before this
where we sat down in bliss
and we all reminisced
on the good times we had/
Now I know that sounds sad/
but we’re all/so glad/
for what/we have/

Counting the days
from when we parted ways/
I watch/as time slowly slips/away/
I’ll remember my friend
that this isn’t the end/
I’ll close my eyes and just pretend/

goes my bro-ken mu-sic box/
It’s missing a dancer/to our song/
And next to me is where you belong/

Throughout the year/we’ll stay/in touch/
and always living for just enough/
As seasons change I’ll patiently wait/
to be/with you/ano-ther day

And so, I raise/my glass/in your name/
I hope/that you/would do the same/
Here’s to the year/and to you/
and may you find happiness/in all/ that you do