30 Days & Some Change

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A very “Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening” to you from my side of the mic!

I normally have an outline sitting on my left so I don’t get sidetracked when I write but I should be okay without one today. Before I dive into the post, I hope that “You” are well, safe, and staying creative/imaginative! And now, onto the entry!

9 Nights

For the next few days, I will be stepping away from writing and recording to attend my grandmother’s first anniversary since her passing. If you’re familiar with Catholicism, then you know what I’m talking about. However, if you’re not, I’ll give the very simple version.

The family attends a “Rosary” for 9 nights, praying for the family member who has passed on. Each day is a specific prayer (normally around 30 minutes long) at our local church which is then followed by Evening Mass (another 30 minutes to an hour long). On the 9th evening, after prayers and church, we gather together to celebrate their new life—kind of like a joyous wake where we share memories and catch up with each other.

As simple as it is, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes like: prep work for the home that will be hosting the final night, a lot of cooking, and setting up canopies and then weaving coconut leave branches together to act as a wind barrier. Needless to say, that’s what I’ll be helping with.

Upcoming Projects

Although it has been slow on my end, I do have an upcoming audiobook project from Jason Browne that I’m looking forward to! There’s a specific book he wrote that I’m hoping to narrate next (fingers-crossed).

After that, I’ll be focusing my efforts on my podcast: Another Inner Monologue.

There are 3 episodes out and are available to listen to on Spotify, Anchor, and Amazon Music. I do have the next entry drafted up and I’m doing some final touches for the audio version of it. Hopefully, I can squeeze in some time to work on it in between what I’m doing. I won’t be releasing the next episode until July 9th (audio version) and July 10th (written version). Just as a teaser, the next piece is called, “Not mine to Love“.

If you would like to listen or read the entries thus far, here is the link to the site: anotherinnermonologue.wordpress.com

And finally, a friend of mine asked if I would like to collaborate on a poetry chapbook! You know, as well as I do, that I love working with independent writers/creators! More on this as we make progress.

Bits of Home

Now that you’re all caught up, I want to thank you for reading! As a bonus, here are a few pictures I took that I hope you enjoy. Please take care of yourself and may your week be filled with happiness and creativity! Until next time! ~John

One of many tourist attractions
The perfect spot for paddle boarding and surfing!
Yes…another cat. Her name is Paws
Dragon fruit! So good
Scenic shot from the southern part of Guam
My favorite flight of stairs
An island with its own island (Cocos Island in the distance)
Pineapple from the yard
My mom’s favorite flower (Plumeria)
This orchid just blossomed yesterday!

Intentionally Left Blank

Image from Pinterest
Music by: Lesfm

What comes to mind when you see a blank page? This marbled morning had me questioning this. I groggily tossed it aside, silenced my alarm, and went about my day. However, I kept thinking about it. So, I sat down with my favorite journal and turned it to a blank page. On this fragile page, things started to come to mind.

The days were so carefree and simple, even the mornings took its time waking up. Heart-to-heart conversations, that normally led to nowhere, were shared over a cup of coffee and where time was better spent.

A friendly “Hello” always made someone’s day. A smile was cherished without knowing a name and having your own opinion mattered without feeling ashamed.

Love didn’t need a definition.
Hope was abundant in every person and
Faith wasn’t solely restricted to religion.

Having had a dose of nostalgia, I closed my journal and sat there. Now, you can guess what I decided to write. But this is what makes my journal so special—no words are ever written. These blank pages have reminded me of “where I’ve been” and “where I can go”, like a map pointing the way forward because the days can be long and complicated but there’s always something to be thankful for. Heart-to-heart conversations can still be shared over coffee. It’s taking the time to listen rather than answering is all that’s really needed.

I’m reminded to speak a little kinder, sharing a smile whenever it’s possible, and yes, if I’m being honest, I’m still learning to accept opinions and criticism from those who actually matter.

Love or a passion can still be realized.
Hope just needs to be revitalized and
Faith…well, that’s for you to decide

For me, every page is like a mirror that shows a version of ourselves I think we need to see. I would like to know what you see.

A Day Overdue

Illustration by: Saveenah

Whispering your name in the early hours of January used to be a midnight melody that we would fall asleep to. It has now bled into the curtains where I hide behind, listening and searching for it. Desperate, I pick the lock on my pillow where I keep what’s left.

Your smile has a sepia stain to it.

Your face has faded.

All of Youparts of me disappearing.

I want to believe that the world stopped…but we both know it never did. Maybe it’s just a day overdue or something. With dawn’s peach-flavored sky topping the snowy drifts and birds rehearsing for the morning’s gospel, perhaps today would be the day you walk back into my life.

Some Me Time

Image from Pinterest
Music by ZakharValaha: “Endless Beauty” (snippet)

Restless are the nights
under a veil of shattered stars and lanterned prayers
when I’m the most social

Sipping on bittersweet silence
to reacquaint myself
with a person I hardly knew

in the confines of the mind
I laugh along with the angel and devil within

Such nights make for memorable moments of yesterday